Bio of Melvyn

Hi, I’m Melvyn

Videos on LinkedIn changed my life.

Ever since I started in December 2017, these are some of my milestones:

  • My videos have garnered more than 60 thousand views to date
  • I Became a sought-after speaker and trainer on helping people multiply their reach on LinkedIn
  • Been approached by companies and individuals to help them use videos to grow their businesses

This was how I started

In 2004, I built and grew a thriving six-figure training and consulting practice from scratch. Although I was successful by most measures, I wasn’t satisfied.

I was working 80 hours a week, seven days a week. I was spending more time on my work than with my family.

The moment of revelation for me was in 2013 when the doctors thought I had a heart attack. Thank God, it was all a scare and that served as a wake-up call!

Reinventing myself

Ever since, I’ve made the decision to stop trading time for money and to start invest time in building a business that continues to earn me an income even while I slept.

If you want to use videos to grow your business, then book a 45-minute planning session with me here.