Since 2004, I’ve helped schools in Singapore achieve excellence by teaching them how to design best practices in these areas:

  • Strategies: formulating strategic plans
  • Processes: designing effective processes
  • Resources: building staff resource efficacy

Benchmarks of success

By most standards, I’ve achieved success:

  • Reach: Within the second year, we grew by 350% in six months. Within five years, we’ve trained, coached, and consulted for more than 50 percent of schools in Singapore. There are about a total of 360 schools in Singapore.
  • Reputation: Our firm earned the trust of our clients and almost all new businesses are referrals by the third year of our operations.
  • Revenue: We achieved six-figure in revenue within the third year.

While I built a thriving six-figure training and consulting practice from scratch, I was working 80 hours a week, seven days a week. I was spending more time on my work than with my family.

The moment of revelation came for me when, in 2013, doctors thought I had a heart attack. Thank God, it was all a scare but that served as a wake-up call.

Reinventing myself

Ever since, I’ve made the decision to stop spending time just to fulfill clients’ work but to invest time building business assets (i.e. audience, personal brand, and content).

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