Hi, I'm Melvyn Tan.

I guide teams and corporations in using AI strategically to achieve their full potential.

With over 20 years of experience in strategy consulting, I've dedicated my career to enhancing business capabilities through innovative solutions. At Befinity AI, I lead the charge in guiding teams and corporations to strategically leverage artificial intelligence.

Since July 2023, my journey has taken me from training more than 263 professionals across 80 organizations to guiding major organizations like AIA, DSTA Singapore, IHH Healthcare, Olam Group, Sartorius Singapore, Steinway Gallery Singapore, and numerous notable small businesses.

My Latest Book: "Turn AI into Your IA: Supercharging Your Productivity"

Discover the untapped potential of artificial intelligence in everyday business operations with my latest book, "Turn AI into Your IA: Supercharging Your Productivity." This book extends the insights from my course, focusing on practical AI applications that anyone can harness to enhance their work efficiency and strategic acumen.

In "Turn AI into Your IA," you'll learn how to transform AI from a simple digital tool into an Intelligent Assistant that aligns with and accelerates your business goals. I delve into real-life examples and provide step-by-step guides on crafting effective AI prompts, optimizing workflow, and integrating AI into complex problem-solving scenarios.

Whether you're looking to streamline document management, enhance creative projects, or automate routine tasks, this book offers a roadmap to making AI a cornerstone of your productivity strategy. With an emphasis on practical application, it is designed to be accessible to professionals at all levels, equipping you with the knowledge to harness AI's power to its fullest potential.

When I'm not strategizing or leading teams.

Beyond work, my wife and I invest a great deal of time with two kids. We firmly believe in nurturing them into God-fearing man and woman.

In my own time, I am constantly looking out to learn new things.