Melvyn Tan

Turning AI into IA.


For 14 years, I worked with SMEs and schools, helping them develop effective strategies and systems.

In 2016, my wife and I embarked on a one-year travel adventure with our two kids, leading me to:

  • Create 184 LinkedIn videos (400,000+ views!),
  • Consult with brands like Citigroup, Repsol, and Steinway & Sons,
  • Teach courses on digital strategy.


When ChatGPT emerged in November 2022, I saw the potential to supercharge my productivity by turning AI into IA (intelligent assistants).

At Befinity AI, we've help clients like AIA Singapore, IHH Healthcare, Olam Group, Sartorius Stedim Singapore leverage AI in their marketing and communications workflows.


You can become an AI catalyst at work and turn AI into IA via:

  • Learning about Mastering AI
  • Implementing AI using this blueprint