Hi! I’m Melvyn

I’m a business and video strategist helping smart businesses create digital assets.

I’m the only Asian video evangelist on LinkedIn. The focus of my videos is to answer one question: “how you can use videos to grow your business“.

Here’s what I’m focused on right now.

Projects I’m involved in. Some are super secret, so.

  • Media strategist for private clients
  • Coaching a community of professionals on creating digital assets
  • Strategic planning for schools

Not limited to books, this list also includes online courses, classes, and coaching.

I reinvent myself every 18 months. Because being forced to do so is a bitch.

We are creating our family’s mantra.

That’s it
These are my priorities. Looking for the “About” page?

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Updated: Feb 21, 2019. (Page inspired by Derek Sivers.)