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You know videos work. Let’s make it work for you and grow your business.

Here’s how I can help:

Phase 1: Getting Started

  • Identify intended audience segments
  • Develop personas and journey maps based on identified audience segments

Phase 2: Planning

  • Formulate a video marketing blueprint based on your business objectives
  • Identify the mix of videos based on the blueprint

Phase 3: Executing

  • Create an editorial calendar based on the ARE (Awareness, Response, Engagement) Framework
  • Manage the execution using analytics

How my experience will help

In May 2017, after restarting my vlogging journey (for the third time), I began getting results.

Here is what Chris Brogan said:

Here is what Gary Vaynerchuk said:

Here are what my clients said:

The depth of your feedback was amazing and you took the time to review my whole strategy, giving valuable feedback on congruence and consistency.
~Sarah Alison, Parenting Success Coach (Lincoln, UK)

Melvyn has a lot of knowledge to share about making sure you get paid for your ideas. And he does so in a way that gives you actionable steps. During his delivery, he gives you the feeling that he’s guiding you along a path that he’s already taken. He’s a systems master, and systems are just what a startup, creative type needs to focus. He’s passionate about giving you tools and putting them to work for you.
~Noel Evan Woodward King, Entrepreneur (New Mexico, USA)

Your answers validated my thoughts and your comprehension of my situation was great. Some new tips too.
~Varadh, Social Business Advisor (Chennai, India)

Working with me

If you want to use videos to grow your business, but you’re stuck and not sure what to do next?

Well, I’ve been there too and I understand and can guide you.

Yes, I will be the person to strategize with you on what to do next and also to hold you accountable for getting it done!

Right now, I am available for consulting.

If you are interested in working with me, please book a 45-minute planning session with me.