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Since 2002, I’ve been a strategist to organizations from a wide range of industries, public schools in Singapore, international brands, as well as individuals.

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Advisory: LINE Consulting

Served as a strategy consultant to small and medium-sized enterprises (“SMEs”) in the following areas:

  • formulating business plans 
  • executing business development strategies
  • conducting feasibility studies and market research

Consulted for clients from a broad range of industries:

  1. specialty chemicals, 
  2. precision engineering, 
  3. lifestyle products, 
  4. digital broadcasting system integration, 
  5. financial literacy tools, etc.

Served as strategy consultant to Singapore schools in the following areas:

  • strategic planning 
  • staff resource planning
  • design thinking
  • educational systems management

Milestones include:

  • Trained, coached, and consulted for more than 70% of all schools in Singapore
  • Helped more than 20 schools achieved best practice awards
  • Developed and delivered staff management training for MOE SSD Induction program

Brands: Befinity Media

We take the ‘media, not marketing’ approach. We help brands build communities and leverage their digital assets to grow their market share.

Our process:

  • Build community: Identify the needs of their community
  • Leverage digital assets: Create digital assets to address their needs
  • Grow market share: Design bespoke campaigns to grow market share

Courses: Catalytic Courses

We help smart professionals create Catalytic Courses that:

  • build their communities,
  • build trust with their prospects by delivering results,
  • show their prospects what it’s like to work with them.

If you want a community of prospects hungry to learn from you and eager to work with you, then you must create a Catalytic Course.

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