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Why People Buy And Why It Matters

. 1 min read
Why People Buy And Why It Matters

Let’s start with this.

What keeps your business alive?

Customers. And you’re right.

Any business without customers won’t be in business for long.

So wouldn’t it be important for you to understand why people buy?

The motivation behind the decision to buy

When we buy something, we are not buying the product or service.

What we’re buying is the outcome those products or services promise.

That promise includes:

  • Desire to achieve: moving towards a positive outcome
  • Problem to solve: moving away from a negative outcome

The positive outcome with the 1-person, $1M, all digital business is LIFT freedom—location, intellect, financial, and time.

The problem to solve with the 1-person, $1M, all digital business is to stop trading time for money.

Now, that’s if the people I want to work with know they want to build a 1-person, $1M, all digital business. And that’s a big “if”.

The learning pathway

Every consumer goes through three phases on the learning pathway: cognitive, constructivist, and experiential.

During the cognitive phase, the consumer is exposed to information aiming to highlight the fact that he either has a problem that needs to be solved or a desire that must be achieved.

Once the consumer has an increased awareness of the gap between where he wants to be and where he currently is, he embarks on the journey to start searching for solutions. This is where the constructivist phase begins.

In the process of searching for solutions, the consumer might begin to experiment with different ways to achieve the desire or to solve the problem.

Now when people ask me how do I make money from live streaming daily, I’ll send them here.