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Why Dot.Me?

. 1 min read

This is my third attempt at starting and maintaining a blog. It is easy to start. But maintaining it, i.e. writing regularly is not easy. Doesn’t mean it is not possible.

Who do I blog for

This time round, I’ve asked the question, “why I blog” more seriously. Do I blog for myself or do I blog for you, my reader. I suppose I’ve come to this point in my life where it is not about me but about how much I can contribute to the world.


When starting a blog (or any website for that matter), one critical thing I must have is a good domain name. For a personal site, I’d always recommend using your name as the domain name. So, John Doe should use In my case, I’d use as my domain name. But because I missed the opportunity to register that domain name, I am now forced to think creatively for a domain name. I didn’t want a or a (although I grabbed the opportunity to register as it was still available).

I then toyed around with the idea of using some other top-level domain and after many iterations ended up with domain name. There are three reasons why I chose

  1. It is available
  2. It is a personal website, it is “me”
  3. It is the first letter of the names of both my children, Moses and Esther.

Have you secured yours

What about you? Have you registered your name as a domain name? If not, why not?