Videos changed my life

200,000 views in 4 months.

But that’s not all. By making videos on LinkedIn, here’s what I’ve achieved.

A library of digital assets

In 2018, I’ve made 184 videos on LinkedIn.

The videos focus on answering this one simple question: “how to use videos to grow my business”.

This library of digital assets have earned the attention of business owners, speakers, consultants, and trainers.

A community of like-minded individuals

On a consistent basis, I share with them my thinking, strategies, and tactics on how they can use videos to grow their businesses.

Within one year, I grew my following by 10x.

I also built amazing relationships with many of them.

A media strategy firm

Leveraging my strategy consulting background, I started Befinity Media.

It’s a boutique media strategy firm focusing on helping smart businesses create digital assets to:

  • get discovered
  • expand influence
  • grow business.

Meeting Gary Vaynerchuk

I met Gary Vee in 2017.

It was him who got me started on LinkedIn.