Using LinkedIn To Multiply Your Reach

If you want to multiply your reach on LinkedIn so you can

  • Establish yourself to be an expert in your field
  • Grow your network and connections
  • Be recognized as a thought leader
  • Get more leads
  • Increase awareness of your business
  • Get a higher level of engagement of your content
  • And grow your business!

Then Using LinkedIn To Multiply Your Reach is the course for you!

How the course is structured

Module 1: Getting Started: Why Multiply Your Reach on LinkedIn

  • LinkedIn is the new opportunity
  • Influence, not authority
  • 3 golden rules of a personal brand on LinkedIn – Brand, Visibility, and Leadership

Module 2: Establish Your Personal Brand

  • Optimize your profile to earn people‚Äôs attention
  • Key ingredient of a personal brand – relatability
  • Connect with other influencers even if nobody knows you

Module 3: Grow Your Visibility

  • Produce content that your connections want
  • Twin pillars of great content – value and consistency
  • Create content that gives the best ROI

Module 4: Become A Thought Leader In Your Space

  • Share your insights – perspective
  • Humanize your insights – authentic
  • Fastest way to become a thought leader – teach

Questions you might have

  • Is this an online course?
    Yes! And for those of you in Singapore, I have added an in-person meetup every month!
  • How does it take for me to complete this course?Some take up to 3 months, others 3 weeks. In other words, it really depends on you. It is self-paced but you will get support from me via the in-person meetup.
  • Will you help me optimize my profile?
    Yes and there will be an additional fee. I do provide you with templates to get you started
  • How much does it cost?
    It is S$650!
  • When does this start?
    April 01, 2018!
  • How do I join?
    Click the button to enrol!
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