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Up, Down, or Sideways

Melvyn Tan
Melvyn Tan
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Up, Down, or Sideways

From the title, you might think it’s about some form of exercise.

The missing word that precedes up, down, and sideways is chunking.

Chunking in NLP:

refers to a group of pieces of interrelated information that can be organized, then expanded upon in either a deductive (logical) or inductive (broader generalization) direction through the use of language.

via Excellence Assured

Here’s how we can apply the concept of chunking to online learning.

From offline to online learning

Tom Rees of the Ambition Institute shared how the transition to online learning meant redevelopment of their programs by chunking down.

An example of chunking down would be from a whole to a part.

  • Organization
  • Divison
  • Department
  • Team
  • Individual

Another example could be from a larger category to a specific product.

  • Digital devices
  • Mobile digital devices
  • Phones
  • iPhone

How you can chunk down learning

Your learning starts with a big idea. You then narrow it down to a concept. Followed by a competency, which includes both knowledge and skill. And finally a task.

As such, always be asking “what task am I able to perform after learning this“?

Answering that question would result in more problem-oriented learning instead of content-oriented learning.

So what task are you able to perform after reading this?

Melvyn Tan

Despite living the good life at midlife, I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. My aim here is to reinvent midlife, learn new skills, and understand how the world works post-COVID.