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How To Get Unstuck

. 2 min read
How To Get Unstuck

When was the last time you felt stuck?

If you’re like me, you’ve probably been feeling stuck quite often.

What if I told you the reason for you feeling stuck is a result of one person.

Who would you think that person would be?

Creatures of habit

Let’s face it.

A guaranteed way to form a habit is practice. The more you practice, the more deeply ingrained is the habit.

It works for both good and bad habits.

If you constantly reach for your running shoes the moment you awake, you are going to form a good habit.

If you keep practicing getting stuck, you’ll soon be getting stuck a lot.

Sound absurd?

Repeated behaviors become hardwired into our neural pathways.

The good news is that bad habits can be broken if it is replaced with a good habit.

But you already knew that. Didn’t you?

Knowing and doing aren’t the same

Being comfortable with something and being accustomed to something is different.

You may prefer to stare at your phone before you go to bed. And you know that’s screwing up your sleep patterns. But you’ve become accustomed to doing it.

In fact, it takes less effort to continue doing it than not doing it.

Strange? Not at all.

Because anytime we do something new requires more effort on our part to continue doing it.

Which is why it is probably easier to just get stuck and working to get unstuck.

Don’t get stuck on getting stuck

Being mindful about the very habit you’re trying to break does not work.


Don’t believe me? Then try not to think of the pink elephant. Whatever you do, don’t think of the pink elephant.

What’s the color of the elephant in your head?

To rid yourself of the bad habit, you need to install a new one in its place.

For me, I use the three-pronged approach to get ahead (we stop talking about getting …).

  • Urgency: Right now, I’m in a position where I cannot afford to not make progress. Every day presents a new opportunity for me to make progress towards the realization of my goals.
  • Biased towards action: An object in motion stays in motion. Take actions. Any form of action. Even if it is a small step.  Just keep taking action and moving along.
  • Away from fear: Hold a vivid picture what might happen when you do not achieve your goal. Make that picture in your head bigger and brighter to remind yourself to take action.

So what’s your first response when you look at your goals tomorrow?