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The Truth

. 1 min read
The Truth

Why don’t we tell the truth?

Is it because we want to put up a strong front?

Or is it because we are scared?

If the truth is what matters, then what do we have be afraid of? What do we have to hide?

Building trust in times of crisis

COVID-19 brought about unexpected circumstances.

Some governments believed the best way to contain the virus is to build trust.

Others, well, they believed the narrative that favored them.

In times of crisis, telling the truth is not only the right thing to do. It is also good for your mental health.

Speed of trust

As a one-person business aiming to achieve $1M ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue), we need these three things, of which growth acceleration is one of them.

In his book, Speed of Trust, Stephen M.R. Covey introduced the concept of economics of trust.

Trust, according to Covey, creates dividends where it increases the speed and lowers the cost of doing business. Distrust is like a tax, where it slows the speed and increases the cost of doing business.

It is possible to growth hack your business.

With trust, it is not just a hack. It becomes the foundation.