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The Show Rekindled

. 1 min read

It was right smacked during the COVID-19 lockdown here in Singapore.

I had a crazy idea to LIVE stream. Every day.

To be honest, the moment I made the decision, I almost immediately regretted it.

Today, 26 days later, I’ve gotten clearer on what I want to achieve with this LIVE Show. 

Firstly, going LIVE is extremely difficult. There are no retakes. You have to do it all in one take. Besides, your personality plays a huge part.

Additionally, I want to ensure that your time is well invested. When you invest your time with me, I want you to be able to learn something.

What the Show is about

The Show is about Stoicism, business principles, and automated workflows using no-code tools.

I believe that business principles are evergreen. By being evergreen, they are like fundamentals that remain the same.

That said, the strategies and tactics based on these principles do change. Especially when there is a change of environment. Given that we are entering into a new norm, this is an opportune time to share how the world of no-code tools.

These tools are empowering business owners like you and I, who do not need to write a single line of code to build apps that enable us to automate our workflows.

Now, what about Stoicism?

I’ve been a student of Stoicism for some time now. As you may recognize that many of my beliefs can be traced back to the origins of Stoicism.

Would you join me for my daily Live Show?