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The Process Is More Important Than The Goal

The Process Is More Important Than The Goal

November 08, 2020 by Melvyn Tan

Grace Hopper famously said, “Life was simple before World War II. After that, we had systems.” 

The existence of systems, like the Internet, has enabled even the least likeliest of businesses to thrive during the COVID-19 quarantine.

Stories like this department store in China, have demonstrated that with intelligent opportunism, any businesses can develop emergent strategies and take advantage of new opportunities.

Intelligent opportunism isn’t unique to a select few, it is a skill that can be learned and here’s how you can do it.

  1. Capture. Capture information that comes your way throughout the day in a trusted system where you can refer to when needed. The system can either be analog or digital. A popular tool amongst one-person digital business owners is Pocket.
  2. Organize. Perhaps organizing the information is an underrated step. This involves categorizing the information into different areas. A good way to start categorizing will be based on the value-chain process.​
  3. Prioritize. Not all information are of equal importance. The wisdom is in separating the urgent from the important. Like a task, the information that requires you to act on it is an important one. Whereas an urgent piece of information acts on you.
  4. Act. Making sure you act on the information you’ve captured, organized, and prioritized. Without action, nothing happens. Of course, not all actions are equal, which is dependent on how you organize it in Step 2.

Perhaps Bruce Sterling said it best, “The future is process, not a destination.”

To Seek Funding Or Not

Getting funding for your business may be a great way to validate it. More than that, getting funded means you are depending on your own resources to scale— capture as much of the market in as little time as possible. As a one-person all digital business, we may be seeking something else when it comes to starting our business. What’s yours?

Create The Environment

In 2004, the State of Illinois has an ambitious idea—to mail one book a month to every child from the time they were born till they start kindergarten. The idea was based on the correlation between the number of books at home and the years in school. In the realm of business, creating the environment is akin to creating the right culture. By creating the right culture in your business can enhance your profitability. If you want to start things right in your business, then here are three things you must do. Excited?

The Bridge To Nowhere

A great metaphor of what we are experiencing now.

The world is changing in ways we might have never imagined. And the Choluteca Bridge is a great emblem for what can happen to us if we don’t adapt ourselves to the changing times.

Forget built-to-last. Instead aim for build-to-adapt.

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