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Your Superpower

. 1 min read
Your Superpower

Imagine for a minute.

You discovered you have a superpower.

It was always there. It’s just that you never quite noticed it.

Until now.

With this superpower, all your worries melt away.

Just imagine that for a minute.

It’s in all of us

In fact, that superpower is in all of us.

Without this superpower, you would not achieve what you have to date.

Without this superpower, we as a human race might not even exist anymore.




Definitely not.

Daniel Pink wrote in his 2012 book, To Sell Is Human.

Indeed it is.

You’re not alone

Unless you’re an only child, like me, it is likely you had to use this superpower on your parents to let you do what you want.

Unless you’re the only employee in the organization, then it wouldn’t be called an organization would it, otherwise you would have to use this superpower on your boss to let you have that promotion.

Unless you’re a monopoly, otherwise you’d have to use this superpower on your customers to get them to stay with you and new customers to come onboard.

In other words, you cannot go through life without this superpower.

Maybe you could if you’re a monk or something.

Then again, even a monk has to use this superpower on existing and new followers.

Is it selling

Yes. We all love to buy.

But you certainly hate being sold to.

And selling isn’t that superpower I spoke about.

Then what is?

The answer is in the quote.