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Excuse Me, Do You Speak My Language

. 1 min read
Excuse Me, Do You Speak My Language

How do you speak to someone who doesn’t speak the same language as you?

You’d probably use hand signs or diagrams.

What if I told you there is a language that can be used in any country?

And what if this language is also a problem-solving tool?

All of this sounds fantastic, so what is this language?

Speak systems

It’s called Systems Thinking.

Michael Goodman puts it this way:

The discipline of systems thinking is more than just a collection of tools and methods – it’s also an underlying philosophy.

Why is learning this language important?

The key reason you want to learn this language:

Although systems is seen by many as a powerful problem-solving tool, we believe it is more powerful as a language, augmenting and changing the ordinary ways we think and talk about complex issues.

You want to thrive in the new normal, don’t you?