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The Most Important Skill Needed To Thrive In Any Environment

. 1 min read
The Most Important Skill Needed To Thrive In Any Environment

It enables organizations to remain competitive, especially in a dynamic business environment.

It enables you to become better by gaining a deeper understanding of reality.

It refers to the most important skill needed to thrive in any environment.

But what is it?

Before that, let’s look at a group of amazing companies.


  • Started small, like Warby Parker.
  • Had the potential to get big fast. like DropBox,
  • Became a dominant force, like Amazon.

What’s different about these companies is that they are lean, mean, learning machines.

~ Aaron Dignan

What does lean, mean, learning machines look like

First, they are lean and they move fast. Decisions are made quickly, products are tested quickly, and user growth are achieved quickly.

Second, they are mean, in part because of their DNA. These companies have a strong bias towards action. Every initiative is seen as an experimentation, where data and feedback are collected and with each iteration comes a slew of improvements.

Third, they thrive in an environment of uncertainty. Primarily because they are not satisfied with the status quo. As Dignan puts it, in Make Your Mark,:

[They] view every activity as a chance to learn and refine [their] process. Success means never settling for what worked in the past.

Are you equipped with this important skill?