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Serving or Self-Serving

. 1 min read

Are you a serving leader or self-serving leader?

via Lead like Jesus Revisited by Ken Blanchard, et. al.

The above question is an important one for me especially when it comes to selling.

I used to feel bad asking people to pay me for my work.

Worse, sometimes I even think I’m not good enough to charge for my work.

How does the above question help me?

Here’s my definition of self-serving.

Someone who is obsessed with making the sale out of self-interest.

Serving means that I am obsessed with discovering the problems, goals, and aspiration of anyone I meet.

In the process of discovery, if I have a valuable solution that is able to solve his problem, help him achieve his goal, and enable him to become who he wants to be, then I believe it is an exchange of value.

I now learn it is ok to ask to be paid for my work.