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What To Do In A Recession

. 1 min read
What To Do In A Recession

Can the sun enable us to predict the future?

Before you scoff at the question, let’s take a look at “sound beaming”.

Sound what?

Are you listening

An Israeli company called Noveto Systems recently gave an exclusive demo to The Associated Press prior to its launch.

The idea is based on a technology that allows you to listen to sound—music, movie, sounds from a game—all without the need for headphones.

Pretty rad!


Here’s what scientists say about sunspots:

It is believed that the rotation of the sun causes distortion in the magnetic field. These distortions cause magnetic areas to break through the photosphere, resulting in what we see as sunspots.

William Henry Jevons first made the connection between sunspots and market performance. By noticing the decline in sunspots, he was able to trace it back to the first major crash of the modern stock market.

More recently:

NASA predicts we are entering a “solar minimum,” a period when sunspotsactivity on the sun’s surface, often visible through a telescopedecrease significantly.

If Jevons’s observations were accurate, we could be entering a period of significant decline, where the triple whammy of crop failures, pandemic, and financial doldrum.

While the keyword here is correlation, it helps to be aware of this possibility that when you observe X, Y happens.

Invest today

In anticipation of a recession, people hold back their purchases which in turn result in a further contraction and hence making it a self-fulfilling prophecy.

As the pandemic continues to bring economies to their knees, we are not only anticipating but experiencing some extent of recession.

But instead of responding like what most would, you want to continue to invest in yourself during this trying time.

And who knows, you may one day be the one behind breakthrough technologies like soundbeaming.

How would you invest in yourself? That’s something we will discuss in the next few days.