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Why Figure Out Your Life's Purpose

. 1 min read
Why Figure Out Your Life's Purpose

“How would you describe your life’s purpose?”

The author asked Bill Thomas.

“To bring respect back to elderhood in America,” was his reply.

With just eight words, Bill was able to describe his life’s work to Keith Yamashita.

Frankly, if we are not able to describe our life’s purpose as elegantly as Bill, it is clear we haven’t quite figured it out.

In the chapter of the book, Make Your Mark, Yamashita describes the four questions you can start with to define your life’s purpose.

I have also written about the process of figuring out your life’s purpose here.

For this article, I’ll like to share with you the benefits of having figured out your life’s purpose.

They are the 3C.

Compass. Having figured out your life’s purpose gives you direction and also provides you with a moral compass. With it, you’ll know how to get back on track if you’ve lost your way.

Choices. Albert Camus famously said, “Life is a sum of all our choices.” Knowing your life’s purpose helps you decide what to do. More importantly, it helps you know what not to do.

Crucial. By extension of your choices, you know what are the crucial things that matter. This certainly helps by ignoring all that’s trivial.

Restraint and discipline come to those who are clear about their purpose in life.

~ Keith Yamashita