Why prototypes and not projects?

  • Prototypes focus on the process, whereas projects focus on the product.
  • Prototypes are work-in-progress, whereas projects have an end point.

Besides, prototypes give me the permission to first come up with a minimum viable solution, put it out publicly, gather feedback, and make improvements to it.

Here’s a list of the prototypes I’ve built:

  1. 100 ways to make myself happy
  2. HABITS: 6 Winning Strategies
  3. Design and Live the Life You Want – A Manifesto
  4. 3 Ships From God
  5. Is Your Idea a Gem or a Dud?
  6. 30 Days to Personal Mastery
  7. Create Courses Online
  8. LIFT Freedom
  9. How To Create Engaging Instagram Posts In 5 Simple Steps
  10. Creative Influencers Show
  11. Course Runner Show
  12. Design A Business That Sets You Free – Video Series
  13. UXof.ME