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Don't Present Like How You Write

. 1 min read
Don't Present Like How You Write

The email reads: “if you are someone who is sometimes tasked with creating presentations that convey complex scientific concepts, this article is for you.

Though it may not be complex scientific concepts, this is still something you need to pay attention to.


Because there is a difference between a presentation and writing

Difference between a presentation and writing

The difference between the two is your audience.

The audience members at a presentation are typically more multidisciplinary and less knowledgeable about a speaker’s specialized content…

via Nature


Reading a journal article requires a significant time investment and a specific interest in a topic.

via Nature

When making a presentation

I adopt the educational planning approach Understanding by Design, or UbD, when planning my presentation.

The approach is also known as ‘backward design’ because you start by determining what is the outcome of your presentation.

Having decided on the outcome, you then decide how to structure your presentation.

With the structure, you will then list down the key points to present to lead your audience to the desired outcome.

You can see me in action here.