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Planning During Uncertain Times

. 1 min read

Planning is possible when we are able to hold certain assumptions constant.

However, during uncertain times, such as now, planning becomes difficult or even impossible.

Here’s what you can do.

Embrace a flexible mindset

During uncertain times, you must embrace a highly flexible mindset.

What was the norm couple of weeks ago could now become unacceptable.

For instance, on Jan 30, 2020, the government was telling people not to wear masks unless unwell.

via The New Paper

As of 14 April 2020, wearing a mask once outside of our home became mandatory.

My friend Samuel said it best:

A few weeks ago.

When you wear a mask, people will avoid you.


If you do not wear a mask, people will avoid you.

Stay rooted in values

When faced with difficult circumstance, we may be tempted to do what is easy, instead of what is right.

Hence, it is of paramount importance that we stay rooted in values. So that our behaviors are aligned to what we believe.

Learn new skills and learn quickly

Given the fast pace, we must learn new skills to help us cope with new situations.

What we used to know may no longer be relevant, valid, or even useful.

Learn new skills and learn quickly.

Right now, I’m teaching professionals how to create Catalytic Courses.

Check it out. It could be for you.