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This Too Shall Pass

. 1 min read
This Too Shall Pass

So I heard.

Another entrepreneur’s dream crushed.

One could blame it on COVID-19.

But a true entrepreneur will never blame it on something outside of her control.

We have a choice

Two people witnessing the same event could recall it very differently.

One could see it as the end of something bad, while the other could describe it as the beginning of something good.

Either interpretation is correct. At least to that person.

As such, we all have a choice in choosing which worldview to subscribe to.

The entrepreneurial worldview

Being an entrepreneur for the last 18 years have given me the opportunity to experience success in numerous projects. On that same note, I’ve also seen a great deal of projects that went south.

While it is not about simply staying positive, it certainly doesn’t help to see only the negative side of things.

Here’s something I struggle with every morning.

The need to silent the chatter in my head. To focus on what needs to get done and get it done.

How do you silent the chatter?