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Putting Yourself Out There

. 2 min read
Putting Yourself Out There

I’m not comfortable putting myself out there like you.

That was what an associate said to me recently.

He doesn’t want to reveal much about himself, his work, and his family. And rightly so.

It is not for everyone.

For those of us who choose this path, it can be daunting.

And that’s exactly what I am going to do.

Be authentic

Ever since I started creating videos on LinkedIn, my key guiding principle was this: be almost 80 to 90 percent authentic.

That doesn’t mean the remaining percentage equates to being fake.

It simply means that I do not have to reveal everything.

Reason for wanting to be authentic is simple. I want to be the same person you see on video as when you meet me in real life.

Reason for not going 100 percent authentic is also simple. I choose what to share and what I’m not comfortable in sharing, I don’t.

Go all in

The question I’ve been asking myself the last few days was this: what if I went all in?

What that means is to embrace the idea of being vulnerable.

Being vulnerable simply means being absolutely candid about the entire process.

Right now I am in the process of building something meaningful, something I’ve been wanting to do for the longest time, and something I felt now it’s the time to do it.

The idea of not just creating an online course, but creating a Catalytic Course.

What’s a Catalytic Course? I’ve explained it here and you can find out more if you are interested.

But I would be taking myself to task every single day.

To learn as much as I can about building a business around Catalytic Courses.

To put it into practice by applying what I’ve learned and then sharing what worked and what did not.

To then teach it to you, who wants to leverage what you know by teaching your prospective customers so that they want to do business with you.

And in the words of Tony Robbins:

When would now be a good time?