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Obstacles to Clear

. 1 min read
Obstacles to Clear

I subscribe to numerous newsletters.

Today, one of them caught my eye because it used the metaphor of a steeplechase.

In case you are not familiar, the steeplechase involves jumping over barriers and into water.

Definitely not for the weekend warriors.

What lies ahead

As we peek into the future, you can’t help but notice that the new normal has presented a series of obstacles to us.

Some of these obstacles require us to challenge our assumptions.

Some of these obstacles require us to change our habits.

Yet, some of these obstacles require us to abandon the way we worked.

What you can do

I’ve long learned to see an obstacle as a speed bump on my way to success.

I’ve also learned that number of obstacles is directly proportional to the size of the goal.

Sometimes you can overcome those obstacles on your own.

Other times, you will need the help of someone else, whether it’s a friend, a coach, or a mentor.

The wisdom is in knowing when to choose what.