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Nothing To Fear

. 1 min read
Nothing To Fear

What are you afraid of?

That’s a question we ask our friends, spouse, or children.

Sometimes ourselves.

You see, fear, in and of itself is nothing.

There has to be something that cause us to be afraid of.

That something can be both internal as well as external.

External factors

Quite frankly.

External factors are nothing to be afraid of.

That’s if we don’t allow them.

If that thing you’re afraid of is external, then there’s two things you can do about it.

  1. You can ignore it.
  2. You can walk away from it.

What’s probably scarier are internal factors.

Internal factors

I’d argue that more often than not, what causes us to be afraid are internal factors.

In other words, these are factors that are within us.

However, factors within us are within our control.

And so if we don’t let them, they cannot scare us.

Learning in the new normal

We are all struggling to figure out what the new normal looks like.

With uncertainties, it is natural that some of us would be fearful.

Truth is, there is a way to deal with it.

My thesis is this: you need to learn and learn fast.

You do want to thrive in the new normal, don’t you?