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Having The Right Mindset Can Only Get You So Far

. 1 min read
Having The Right Mindset Can Only Get You So Far

Ever since Carol Dweck’s book came out, everyone seems to think that having the right mindset is the way.

Is it overrated?

I think so.

Mental strength

Let’s face it.

While it is important for you to have mental strength as you go through life’s challenges, it takes more than that to be able to pick yourself up after you fall.

Via The Conversation:

We focused on a group of 56 ultra-marathon runners who competed in the Hawaiian Ultra Running Trail 100, or HURT100.

You might think for this group of ultra-marathon runners, having mental strength would be a good predictor of their success.


The elite athletes in our study completed two questionnaires, from which we found mental toughness didn’t seem to predict performance within the group.


we conclude there may be a “threshold” level of mental toughness one must overcome to even be able to prepare for, and compete in, such an event. But beyond this, other psychological, physical and logistical factors appear to have a greater impact on performance.

In business

I’d agree that in business, apart from having the right mindset, one must also have the skillset and the toolset to succeed.