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Being Mentally Prepared

. 1 min read
Being Mentally Prepared

If 2021 is going to be another year of uncertainties how can we prepare for it?

Here’s how Marcia Daszko answered it:

Get your team very focused on the business (or parts of the business) that best makes a difference to your customers. Let other projects that don’t add value fall by the wayside until you have the resources to pursue those.

Being ruthless with how you deploy your resources must be the theme for 2021.

Be your own astute investor

As a one-person business, you’re your own boss. Which means, you are responsible for how you use the time to generate income.

Though I do not rely on investor’s money, I need to be that astute investor myself.

Workflow is very important to me. Any inefficiencies will cost me dearly. Not only in monetary terms but also in terms of my energy.

Very crucial to continuously review and refine your workflow. Perhaps, now is a great time to do so.