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All It Takes Is To Make A Shift

. 1 min read
All It Takes Is To Make A Shift

“One million dollars? That’s almost impossible.”

That’s how most people responded to me.

Alas, none of those people had, to the best of my knowledge, accomplished that.

The way I thought

I used to think that way too.

To earn a million dollars a year, you would need:

  • to generate $83,333 a month;
  • to charge 28 clients $36,000 each;
  • to charge $520 an hour (and work 160 hours a month).

Either way, the single factor that placed a ceiling on you earning a million dollars a year is time.

And time is the one thing we all have in common.

Change of perspective

To work around this, you must change your perspective.

“But how?” you asked.

One word—empathy.

Instead of focusing on how much you must make, turn your attention to the problem you want to solve.

The one good thing with an imperfect world is the existence of opportunities.

What’s needed on your part is to look for them.