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Limiting Beliefs

Melvyn Tan
Melvyn Tan
1 min read

Where do limiting beliefs come from?

I believe I know the answer to that question. Before I share with you the answer, let me tell you a story.

When I was young

As a kid, whenever someone pays me a compliment, my mom would never accept it.

In fact, sometimes she would even go as far as saying the exact opposite of the compliment.

But I’ve never given it much thought.

I became a dad

Later when I have my own kids, I noticed she would say and do the same.

Now, this got me upset and so I questioned her.

Her response left me speechless.

Son, we cannot accept praises from others. We must be humble.

From our families

The very people who love us can sometimes hurt us the most.

Not because they want to.

But because of good intentions.

For me, it’s about being able to recognize where these limiting beliefs come from.

And then work towards getting them out of our subconscious mind.

Melvyn Tan

Despite living the good life at midlife, I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. My aim here is to reinvent midlife, learn new skills, and understand how the world works post-COVID.