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Are You Leveraging Your Talent

Melvyn Tan
Melvyn Tan
1 min read

You are talented. Want to know a technique that will help you leverage your talent so you can realize your fullest potential?

Are people aware of your talent

You could have been the most talented painter in the world. But unless people know about you and your work, you are likely going to spend the rest of your life working in oblivion.

You must get people to be aware of your talent. You must put yourself in front of your audience and demonstrate your proficiency. You must do something to get noticed.

The technique

In my experience, there’s only one technique that will help you leverage your talent.

The technique is to execute on your talent. The more you practice, the better you become.

So, are you executing on your talent?

Melvyn Tan

Despite living the good life at midlife, I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. My aim here is to reinvent midlife, learn new skills, and understand how the world works post-COVID.