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Just Follow Instructions

. 1 min read

Today is Day 04 of the Circuit Breaker measures here in Singapore.

And it appears that some people simply cannot follow instructions.

Watch this 👇

The Prime Minister had to make a public plea for folks to stay at home.

Simplistic thinking

To say that these people cannot follow instructions would be too simplistic a way of thinking.

We are, by nature, creatures of habit.

via Implementation Science:

Habit is behaviour that has been repeated until it has become more or less automatic, enacted without purposeful thinking, largely without any sense of awareness. 

Out of habit, we behave in a particular way even without being aware of it.

As community builders, we need to understand this. Simply because something is good for our members doesn’t necessarily mean they will readily embrace it.

And it’s not that they do not understand nor appreciate it.

Do not change behaviors

Before we attempt to change people’s behaviors, we need first empathize with them.

We need to know what are their worldview. At an in-depth level, we need to know what they are thinking, feeling, saying, and doing.

Until we can empathize with them, any attempts to change their behaviors even if it’s for their own good will meet with resistance.