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A Better Way To Learn: Beyond Interpretation

. 1 min read
A Better Way To Learn: Beyond Interpretation

Most online courses on SEO/SEM will teach you several things.

How to use tools like Keyword Planner. Some will teach you how to analyze the list of keywords for demand. Few will teach you how to interpret for intent.

I had the good fortune to be taught how to distill the interpretation for insights and then to act on those insights.

While it’s true it differs from topic to topic.

I have always used this as a principle to guide me in the design and development of my courses.

Here is my process.

List the information. I’ll start by listing all the essential content that I must include for the course.

Interpretation. Next, I will review how my learners will interpret the content that I have included. There are three aspects that I take into consideration – educational, cultural, and professional background.

Misinterpretation. By pre-empting how they might misinterpret due to their background, I then carefully include activities to help them surface those misinterpretation.

That way, when these misinterpretation do arise, I am able to address them immediately.

Having practiced this for several years now, I cannot imagine not addressing it at all.