I’m a Flywheel Strategist, Coach, and proud Singaporean. I also help solopreneurs like you turn their one-person businesses into thriving solo enterprises.

How I Can Help You

  1. Flywheel Strategist – Unlock your business’s potential with powerful strategies that build momentum.
  2. Professional Coach – Get personalized guidance and support to achieve your goals and overcome challenges.
  3. Workflow Consultant – Streamline your processes, optimize your time, and increase productivity.
  4. Advisor to Solo Enterprises – Get valuable insights and expert advice to grow your solo business.

Trusted By


  • LinkedInfinity: Maximizing the power of LinkedIn for solopreneurs.
  • FAST Solo Enterprise: Accelerate your solo business with proven strategies.
  • Befinity AI: Harnessing artificial intelligence to drive growth.
  • Befinity Academy: Learn, grow, and succeed with our comprehensive guides, live calls, and 1-on-1 coaching.