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This One Thing Helped Me Sell

. 2 min read
This One Thing Helped Me Sell

I hate selling. But this one thing I know and God’s grace that will help me sell 6-figures consulting packages consistently as a one-person consultant.

Here’s how I did it.

I was broke

It all started with having only $15 left in my bank account. It was bad.

I didn’t have enough to buy lunch. And I couldn’t withdraw any money from the ATM—minimum withdrawal was $10 but you need to maintain a minimum of $10 in your account.

Having to wait in line at the bank just to withdraw $5 was both humiliating and frustrating.

While waiting for my turn, I looked up and saw this old poster that said, “Cash-On-Line—For money in a minute”.

As I looked around, I saw loads of impatient customers standing in line to do their banking.

Yet, the bank had been promoting their ATM services for sometime and yet it hasn’t been adopted by the masses yet.

That led to the discovery of this one thing.

The one thing

Within the first month of starting my consulting practice, I was already profitable.

At this point, you would probably think that I am gifted at doing sales.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

It was all because the understanding of this one thing and God’s grace that enabled me to be profitable since day one.

In fact, even with COVID-19 hitting just about everyone, it was this one thing and God’s grace, that kept me afloat.

That one thing is—understanding human behavior.

Refine your sales strategies

In the early 2000s, to understand your customers require hundreds of hours meeting with prospects, asking questions, doing research, and making colds.

Today, you have software and tools at your disposal you could only dream of a decade ago. Using analytics and machine learning, you can understand how your customers behave.

You might think those cool tools are out of reach for most one-person businesses.

You might be happy to know that many of those tools can be had for little or no money, with or without coding knowledge.

Would you like to see how these tools can help you in your business?