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The Greatest Bargains of All Time

. 1 min read
The Greatest Bargains of All Time

Let’s face it.

We all love a great bargain.

Every year, I look forward to Black Friday for the best deals on gadgets and software.

But one of the greatest bargains of all time for me, to paraphrase Tom Peters, is neither a gadget nor software.


My biggest regret was not picking the habit of reading when I was little.

You see.

I grew up in a household where my parents were not avid readers. Yes, they do read. But they much preferred the TV.

I picked up the habit while I was in University. It was there when I started to read veraciously. From fiction to non-fiction, from biography to biology, from economics to econometrics.

As I began to read widely, I started questioning the mental models that I’ve once thought to be the absolute truth.

Read to my kids

When I became a dad, I was adamant on inculcating the habit of reading for my kids.

To do so, I’d read to them. Not necessarily children’s books but just about anything I can lay my hands on.

Well, they sometimes don’t like it and they’re not afraid to let me know.

Greatest bargains

I certainly had a few of those bargains.

Here are the books that truly changed my thinking.