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Earning A Customer

Melvyn Tan
Melvyn Tan
1 min read
Earning A Customer

LEGO. A billion dollar company founded in 1932. With such strong branding, LEGO could easily sit back and watch their profits roll in day after day.

Today, I deconstruct this event through the eyes of the framework discussed here.

Earn their attention

In a fast paced and noisy world, attention needs to be earned. This is where LEGO excel. They run a monthly Minibuild Event, where each month parents will register their child and bring them to a LEGO store.

Think about it, you actually register to bring your child to a store! What a concept.

Provide value upfront

On that day, your child will be given a pack of LEGO bricks and an instruction booklet. On the spot, your child will build the mini-set and bring it home upon completion.

Now, look at this from the child’s perspective. You get to build a mini LEGO set and you can bring it home! Besides, it is free! If this isn’t providing value upfront, I don’t know what is.

Create great content

LEGO, as you know, have some amazing products. From generic bricks to Star Wars and Superheros to Disney Princesses. And the list goes on.

Once you are in the store, what are the chances your child would not pester you to get them a LEGO set?

In summary

Here, I discussed these three things you must do to earn a subscriber.

I discussed at length here, but in summary you need to:

  • Earn their attention: Tell them a compelling story but first you need to know this.
  • Provide value upfront: Add value to whatever they are doing. Solve their problems. Do whatever it takes to make their lives better.
  • Create great content: If your content is not reading or watching or sharing, then people will not return. So make sure your content is supremely great!

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Melvyn Tan

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