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Curriculum Vitae


Since 2002, I’ve been blessed to do work that is aligned both to my purpose and passion.

Yes, I’m proficient at it too.

This is my attempt to document my life’s work.

It is also my aim to share how I’ve reinvented myself every 18 months to stay relevant. Always.

Many will choose LinkedIn to showcase their professional experiences. Though LinkedIn is my favorite platform, I chose here because I wanted control over my information.


Business and video strategist, LinkedIn video evangelist, educator, husband, dad, and follower of Jesus.

From a strategist to business owners to being a business owner myself, I have witnessed the process of starting, building, and growing businesses.

While the end goal is rewarding, it is the process that is most satisfying.

Specifically, I love the process of identifying needs of prospects, creating solutions to address those needs, and scaling it.

As a video strategist, I have helped smart professionals leverage the power of videos to get discovered, expand their influence, and grow their businesses.

I learned the most powerful way to communicate is through stories and distilling lessons from those stories.

LinkedIn videos changed my life.

I started creating videos in Dec 2017 and has gotten me speaking engagements, training contracts, coaching clients, as well as building a community of people who want to create and monetize digital assets.

At this point, I only want to use LinkedIn as an avenue to reach a wider audience and help 100 professionals create digital assets.

As an educator for educators, I discovered the true meaning of doing work that has a chain effect. In teaching educators on strategic planning and staff management, I am in a unique position to help them create value for their students, and by extension, the students’ families. 

I am the husband of an amazing woman who always has clarity, especially when I’m lost, and courage, whenever I’m fearful. She is my pillar and strength, without whom, I will not be where I am today.

I am the Dad of two beautiful children, where I strive to be a source of energy for them.

In 2016, my wife and I decided to world-school them for a year which I believe is the best investment in their education. You can read about it here.

Below is a listing of the work, projects, and companies in reverse chronological order.

Work Experience

Befinity Media | Founder & Strategist

November 2017 – Present // Singapore

Helping smart businesses accelerate their growth using videos by:

  • aligning their stories to what their customers want
  • turning their stories into media assets
  • leveraging these media assets to accelerate their growth

LINE Consulting | Strategy & Systems Consultant

April 2004 – Present // Singapore

Embarked to bring the level of education management in Singapore schools to the next level.

I advise schools on:

  • strategic planning 
  • staff resource planning
  • design thinking
  • educational systems management


  • Trained, coached, and consulted for more than 70% of all schools in Singapore
  • Helped more than 20 schools achieve Best Practice Awards
  • Developed and delivered staff management training for Academy of Singapore Teachers (a division of Ministry of Education, Singapore) Induction program for School Staff Developers

LINE Consulting | Strategy Consultant (SMEs)

October 2002 – March 2004 // Singapore

Served as strategy consultant to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Services included:

  • formulating business plans 
  • executing business development strategies
  • conducting feasibility studies and market research

Consulted for clients from a broad range of industries:

  1. Specialty chemicals, 
  2. Precision engineering, 
  3. Lifestyle services, 
  4. Digital broadcasting system integration, 
  5. Financial literacy tools.

Served as strategic adviser to companies in a broad range of industries:

  1. Conferences and seminars,
  2. Competitive intelligence,
  3. Investor relations,
  4. Private educational institutions, and
  5. Associations and societies.

APEC Business Exchange | Co-Founder

April 2001 – September 2002 // Singapore

Co-developed Singapore’s first certification course for Investor Relations Practitioners.

3R Intelligence Network Pte. Ltd. | CEO

April 2000 – March 2001 // Singapore

Appointed as CEO of an early stage dot-com specializing in providing competitive intelligence to SMEs in Singapore.

Productivity and Standards Board | Senior Officer – Planning and Research

April 1998 – March 2000 // Singapore

  • Researched and provided analysis of industry insights for senior management.
  • Part of the team that conceptualized the frameworks, compiled case studies statistics for the Productivity Action 21 (ProAct 21) – a 10-year plan to steer Singapore’s productivity movement into the 21st century.
  • Worked as a member of a cross-divisional committee that focused on enhancing productivity at industry-levels for local companies.
  • Conducted training for the Productivity Management Program – an onboarding program for all new hires.

Applied Economics Division, Nanyang Business School, NTU | Research Scholar

July 1996 – December 1997 // Singapore

  • Received scholarship for conducting research on productivity in the Singapore manufacturing sector
  • Awarded Master of Business (by research)

Applied Economics Division, Nanyang Business School, NTU | Tutor

July 1996 – December 1997 // Singapore

  • Tutored first year undergraduates in Business Statistics and Principles of Economics
  • Provided consultation for first year undergraduates
  • Assisted course coordinator in grading term papers

Land Officer, Ministry of Law | Collector of Land Revenue

May 1996 – June 1996 // Singapore

  • Supervised a team of 2 Higher Land Officers, 4 Land Officers, and 6 Land Inspectors of the State Lands Division
  • Completed a handbook detailing the tasks and responsibilities of a Collector of Land Revenue

Volunteer Experience

Toa Payoh Methodist Church | Pre-Production 2IC

2019 – Present // Singapore

Assisting the IC in video production to promote the Church’s activities and God’s word.

Ang Mo Kio Town Council | Town Counselor

2002 // Singapore

Member of the Ang Mo Kio – Yishun GRC Town Council, Finance Committee. Responsible for financial matters of the Town Council.

Nee Soon South Community Hall | Chairman

1999 – 2000 // Singapore

As Chairman of Nee Soon South Community Hall, responsibilities include overall supervision of running of Community Hall.

Nee Soon South Constituency | Assistant Treasurer

1999 – 2000 // Singapore

Assist the Treasurer in handling the financial matters pertaining to the Branch operations.

Outward Bound Overseas Youth Program | Delegation Leader

June 1998 // New Zealand

Led a team of 12 Singaporean delegates to participate in New Zealand Outward Bound 22-day Classic course at Anakiwa.

Manpower Development Group, Feedback Unit, Ministry of Community Development | Member

1998 – 1999 // Singapore

Served as a feedback contributor for a one-year term.

Economic Development Group, Feedback Unit, Ministry of Community Development | Member

1997 – 1998 // Singapore

Served as a feedback contributor for a one-year term.


Productivity and Standards Board | Star Award – ProAct 21

1999 // Singapore

Conceptualized the frameworks and compiled case studies and statistics for two chapters – Teaming and Twinning, and Catalyzing Higher Performance. Have developed the ability to be resourceful.

Productivity and Standards Board | Star Award – Wellness Committee

1999 // Singapore

PSB clinched the HEALTH Award (Gold) as a result of program designed by the Wellness Committee to promote healthy living. Enhanced ability of working under pressure as a team.

National Youth Council – Outward Bound Singapore | Overseas Training Award

1998 // Singapore

Delegation Leader for the 28 days Overseas Youth Programme in 1998. Led a 15-member delegate for the 22 days Classic Summer Course at the Cobham Outward Bound School at Anakiwa, New Zealand.

The delegate conducted a two-day rock-climbing clinic for underprivileged youths in Singapore. Expanded comfort zone, and increased willingness to take calculated risks.

Nanyang Business School | Graduate Scholarship

1997 // Singapore

Awarded Graduate Scholarship for Master of Business program at Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.


Profitability and Productivity Growth in Singapore

2002 // Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Co-authored with Ashish Lall and Randolph G.K. Tan. Published in Productivity and Economic Performance in the Asia-Pacific Region, Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica, 2002, pp 345-364, Edward Elgar Publishing Limited

Productivity and Growth in Singapore: The Role of TFP Growth Measurement in Public Policy Debate

1999 // Osaka, Japan

Co-authored with Randolph G. K. Tan and Ashish Lall. Publication prepared for the Pacific Economic Outlook/Structure Specialists Meeting held on March 17–18, 1999 in Osaka, Japan.

Profitability and Productivity in Singapore Manufacturing Industries

1999 // Taipei, Taiwan

Co-authored with Ashish Lall and Randolph G. K. Tan. Publication for the 1999 Taipei International Conference on Efficiency and Productivity Growth held on July 30–31,1999, in Taipei, Taiwan.

Service Productivity in Singapore: Policy and Issues

1999 // Singapore

Co-authored with Sharon W. P. Chang. Publication in APO Productivity Journal, Summer 1999, pp150-168.

Multidimensional Measurement of Productivity in the Singapore Manufacturing Sector

1999 // Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Publication prepared for the 1999 Asian Productivity Organisation Symposium on Productivity Measurement: Manufacturing Sector held on June 8–10, 1999, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Forecasting Exchange Rates: An Econometric Illusion

1996 // Singapore

Co-authored with Randolph G. K. Tan. Regional Issues in Economics, Volume 2, Chew Soon Beng and Jon D. Kendall, eds., 1996, Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University.