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Counting On You

Melvyn Tan
Melvyn Tan
1 min read

The most critical factor I look out for in a car is reliability. I need to know that when I jump into it, I am able to start my engine and go. The same goes when looking for a leader. You’d want to know that the leader whom you are following can be trusted. In short, you can count on her to deliver the promise.

Who are you counting on

Hebrews 6:18 tells us where we must place our hopes. In a God that cannot lie. Who has been, is, and will be delivering on his promises, so long as we set our hopes on him.

I have days when I am doubtful. I have days when I question my ability. I have days when I am down. And I am sure, you do too.

Let us be reminded when we feel that way, our focus is somewhere else. Where in fact, it should be on our unchanging God.

Who can count on you

As a leader. As an influencer. Who can count on you?

Melvyn Tan

Despite living the good life at midlife, I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. My aim here is to reinvent midlife, learn new skills, and understand how the world works post-COVID.