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3 Things Your Content Must Include

. 1 min read
3 Things Your Content Must Include

Your customer is spoilt for choice.

Your customer is likely to have more information about what she needs than you do.

To get your customers to even care about you and your content, you must include these three things.

Them. Very simply, your content is about your customer. Not you. And for most of us, that’s a relief. Especially for me. I’ve always said this, “no one wants to watch a bald 40 something guy”. It’s always WIIFM.

What they want. Unless and until you know what they want, you have little to no chance even getting them to pay attention to your content. A pro-tip: what they want and what you think they want are usually different. So treat cautiously.

How they can get it. You must show them how they can get it. Preferably, if you can assure them that they have the ability to get it by following what you’re about to teach them.

As Frank Kern likes to say:

Nobody cares about us. Thankfully.