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Content Leaders Listen Up

. 2 min read
Content Leaders Listen Up

Are you a content leader?

If you’re not or have never even heard of that term, then listen up.

Here’s the thing. I’ve never heard of it myself too.

Content revolution

Whenever you hear the term revolution, you know on the other side of the table is opportunities.

Evident from the Renaissance period to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Given all these opportunities, content creators and brands face the same challenge—keeping up with the demand to support their business objectives.

That’s not all. Content creators are now also struggling to produce more in-depth and timely content. Because of our rapidly changing environment, content produced need to be relevant by the time they are published.

Many content leaders, like Chris Brogan, have turned to live-streaming as a way to keep up with the demand as well as maintain timeliness of their content. I’m doing the same with my daily Live Show.

Join the revolution

As a content leader, here are three things you can do:

Beat the algorithm. While the rest of the world is relying on algorithm to feed them with information, you must first become aware of it. This will enable you to decide on opting-out of it and not allowing algorithms to influence your perspectives and decisions. Subscribe to a handful of newsletters that will deliver stories relevant and of interest to you. That way, you are in control of what you see and read.

Deep thinking. What makes a different between a good content creator and a great content creator? The great, amongst us, see the non-obvious, distill insights from information, and recommend actionable advice. Remember, your audience are not consuming content just for the information. Your content must become part of their customer or learner journey.

Live streaming. The ability to broadcast live has been democratized. One report suggests that live streaming videos have grown by 93% in 2019. And the subscription model appears to be a key source of avenue to monetize live streams. If you’re intimated by live streaming, don’t. Because, in the words of the Everyday Dad, if I can figure it out, you can figure it out.