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Edge of Chaos

. 1 min read
Edge of Chaos

Imagine standing on the line that separates order from chaos.

Well, for many of us, we are there right now.

We have learned to put in place structures and systems to manage our life and work.

It appeared we had all our ducks lined up.

Then COVID-19 happened.

Starts off as an inconvenience

Suddenly, the way we lived and worked were disrupted.

It starts off as an inconvenience.

As time went by, that inconvenience becomes an impediment.

Soon, we get stuck and realize we don’t know what to do next.

While it might sound dramatic, the reality is that we are at the edge of chaos.

Uncertainties ahead

With a cloud of uncertainty hanging over us, many are finding it difficult to plan ahead.

Plans we had a few weeks ago can quickly become redundant.

What started off as a health crisis had turned into an economic crisis. The IMF called it The Great Lockdown.

We are going to witness a social crisis, if it hasn’t already began.

And then, there’s the political crises many countries are experiencing.

Should we stay positive amidst all these doom and gloom?

I believe that isn’t the solution.

Instead, the solution is to take a hypothesis-driven approach.