How To Re-Invent

My winning strategy – to reinvent myself every 18 months – when I started my training and consulting practice had worked tremendously well.

And this is next phase of my re-invention, I’m going to need a new mind-set, skill-set, and toolset.

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Dealing With Anxieties

For those of us who are ambitious, sometimes we certainly bite off more than we can chew.

And that can create anxieties – the feeling of nervousness or worry about an uncertain outcome.

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Earning A Customer

LEGO. A billion dollar company founded in 1932. With such strong branding, LEGO could easily sit back and watch their profits roll in day after day.

Today, I deconstruct this event through the eyes of the framework discussed here.

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More Subscribers

There are two types of people on YouTube. Those who want more subscribers and those who are lying.

Here are the three things you must do in order to earn engaged subscribers.

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Naming Your Channel

What do you say when someone asks you what’s the name of your YouTube channel? Is it easy or difficult to tell them?

Mine was extremely hard. Here’s what I do to solve that problem.

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