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I Can't Help Everyone

. 1 min read
I Can't Help Everyone

It’s the new year.

As always it brings about a sense of hope for many.

Hope the new year will be better.

Hope their goals will be achieved in the new year.

Hope their fears will not materialize in the new year.

The solution I provide

As an entrepreneur, my role is to acknowledge their hopes.

Then my income will depend on my ability to channel their hopes onto the solution I offer.

My solution can help millions realize their hope, which falls into three areas.

  1. To be known: Everyone, and by extension, every business wants to be known. If no one knows them, it doesn’t matter how good they are.
  2. To be recognized: Everyone wants to be recognized for what they are capable of. The more capable they are, the more recognition they are likely to get.
  3. To be wanted: Everyone wants to be wanted. However, before they can be wanted, they must be known and recognized. Leading him back to where he had started.

While my solution can help everyone, I cannot help everyone.

This is not because of resources or bandwidth. It is by design.

I choose not to help everyone.

You, too, must choose not to help everyone.

The question is, how would you choose?