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Build an Audience that Builds Your Business

Build an Audience that

Builds Your Business

Stop wasting your time (and money) creating content that gets no traction. Instead, start building your business by first building an audience. This isn’t just a smarter way of doing it online, it is also a sustainable and profitable way of building an online business — by building an audience that builds your business. 

Five ways to build an audience

“You created something that people needed, not something they wanted.” 

How to create content that people want.

  • Perception: View the usefulness of your content from your audience perspective, not yours.
  • Research: Use data and information from reliable sources to validate it.​
  • Confidence: That way you know your content is something that people want.

Apply these 3 principles to your content to earn the attention of your audience.

  • Helpful: Your content must be helpful, i.e. it must solve a problem or satisfy a desire.​
  • Consistent: 80% of success is showing up. And made sure you show up consistently. ​
  • Authority: Leverage your content to showcase your expertise but also use it to share your failures.

Build relationships with your audience

In addition to creating great content, you want to:

 establish great relationships with your learners, build trust by helping them,show them what it’s like to work with you.

Here’s how you can do it!

Here’s how to build an audience like a pro

1. Tell better stories

“People do not connect with robots. People are connected to your stories.”

Let’s face it. We all want to be treated as an individual, not a number.​

Connect with your audience by telling better stories.

2. Get your audience moving

“What is the smallest possible step your audience can take so they can see themselves making progress?”

To answer that question, here are three things to think about:

📌 Think of the smallest step your audience can make

📌 Make it into a piece of content

📌 Whenever you see the question of “what can I do to [blank]”, send them to that piece of content you’ve created.

3. Become their trusted advisor

Want to become their trusted advisor? Give them valuable advice.

  • Give them advice that many do not know.​
  • Give them advice that they can implement immediately.​
  • Give them advice generously and consistently.

That’s how you can become their trusted advisor.

Let me teach you

How to build an audience

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