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A Common Mistake in Strategy

. 1 min read

“A common mistake in strategy is to choose the same core competences as everyone else in your industry.”

Joan Magretta

For most of 2018, I went to a lot of networking sessions. The purpose of attending such sessions was to allow me to better understand my prospects.

I wanted to know what are their goals. I wanted to know what are they doing to achieve their goals. I wanted to know what are the impediments to their goals.

After interacting with them, I split them into two categories: struggling and successful.

The ones who were struggling had one thing in common. They were almost indistinguishable from one another. If someone had a certification, the rest would rush to pursue it.

In the end, everyone in that category looked like one another.

The ones who were successful also had one thing in common. They were distinct from one another. Each one of them had her own unique characteristic. 

Even from afar, you can single them out from their peers.

Helping them formulate media strategies to grow their business was more gratifying simply because of their uniqueness. 

Now, that is a valuable lesson in strategy.