Best of 2015

I wrote about my third attempt at blogging here. Upon reflecting on the last 30 posts, I began to finally realize that unless it is value-adding, no one will pay attention. Read More

How Do You See Your Future

With the new year just around the corner, are you filled with excitement or anxieties? I believe someone of us are having mix emotions as we are glad that the year is coming to an end and we are hoping for the best in the new year.

That said, there might be some anxieties deep inside. Read More


Today I started with my list of things I am grateful for. I wrote down at least 10 items. The first three were easy:
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Disciplined Thought

There was a story about this guy who has it all, almost. He’s got a beautiful and loving wife. He’s got two healthy and intelligent kids. He’s got a consulting practice that brings in 6-figures annually. He vacations once a year. And yet, he worries. He worries just about every thing. Read More

New Gears

It is always an exciting time to upgrade your gears and get the latest tools for work. I have decided not to upgrade my Surface Pro 3. At the same time, I’ve equipped my home studio with lights, screens, and cameras. This is in preparation for the various projects coming up.

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Self-Discipline Is Hard

One comment I get from people who haven’t seen me in a while is, “Wow! You’ve lost weight!”. And that is quickly followed up with, “Are you okay?” You see, for someone my age (I am in my forties) to lose more than 10kg within a year it is either they are sick or they are onto something. Read More